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Informative image: RadiographySurgery Including orthopaedic

We have a fully equipped operation theatre, which means that we perform all routine surgeries on-site. Non-routine surgeries are performed at our hospital site in Streatham Hill. All of our vets are experienced surgeons and we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our priorities are to ensure that the anaesthetic is safe and that the pet experiences minimal pain during any intervention. We have cutting-edge anaesthetic monitoring equipment and only use the safest available anaesthetics. Pain relief is very important and post-operative patients are sometimes given an additional strong painkiller before they are discharged in the afternoon.

We understand how worrying surgery can be for owners so we have a complimentary 15 minute pre-operative appointment with a vet to admit the patient. This appointment is used to examine the pet and explain the procedure.

Informative image: Dental

This appointment also allows important time to answer any of your questions and concerns that you as the owner may have will have and to provide an estimate of costs. We recommend a blood sample for all animals over 8 years of age and animals in a high risk category. (This can be taken on the morning of the procedure).

Animals are typically admitted between 9am and 10am and stay with us until between 4-5pm. We normally ask that owners call us around 2-4 pm to get an update on the procedure and to discuss a time for discharge. A post-operative information sheet is always provided, but if there are ever any questions then call us at the surgery and we will be delighted to assist.

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