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Keyhole Spay Offer

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is commonly known as ‘keyhole surgery’. It has been used in human surgery for years and now has been developed for use in veterinary surgery. Instead of a large incision into the abdomen to perform surgeries, we are able to use very small incisions and using a camera along with small instruments to perform surgeries. 

When do we use Keyhole?

OUr sister surgery Streatham Hill Vets is using keyhole surgery for abdominal surgeries such as ovariectomies (spay), cryptorchid surgery (undescended testicles) and organ biopsies.

What are the benefits?

The very gorgeous Kiki visited Streatham Hill Vets for a keyhole spay with their amazing and supremely talented vet Kostas. Check out the video below.

Keyhole surgery is a highly skilled procedure and has tremendous advantages over traditional open surgery including:

  • incisions are significantly smaller, so there is less trauma to the muscles and other tissue
  • recovery time is much reduced
  • there is less pain associated with the surgeries
  • a lower risk of infections
  • reduced surgery time and therefore time spent under anaesthesia and a happier pet!

As you will see Kiki's surgery went really well she was the perfect patient. After plenty of cuddles from our nursing team she literally bounded home!

Our offer

Fortunately for us, all of Streatham's vets are experienced in performing keyhole surgery, which is why for a limited time Streatham is offering keyhole spays for the PRICE OF A NORMAL SPAY!

If you would like to know a bit more give us a call on 0208 640 5766.

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