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Mitcham Parking

1. Upper Green East

Parking is available just outside the surgery and on the forecourt.

2. Clarendon Grove

There are many available spaces down this road. However, when you reach halfway, it is permit holders only.

3. Montrose Gardens

Can be located of Upper Green East, opposite the practice and on the left of Barclays bank. Parking spaces available on either side of the road. 

4. Iceland

Buy your ticket, bring the receipt to us and we will refund you!

5. Lidl

Car facilities located within Lidl car park. You can park there without going into the store. Over 60 minutes without return is a £90 fine, however, if you bring the receipt to our surgery we will refund you.

6. Morrisons

It can be located off from the A217 road. Morrisons car park consists of a pay and display system. Bring the receipt to the practice and we will refund you.

7. Armfield Crescent

It is located near to Morrisons and is a one-way street. There are available parking spots on the right-hand side.

8. Baker Lane

Baker Lane can be located of St. Marks Road, opposite to Armfield Crescent road. There are available parking spots in both sides of the road.

9. Bedfont Close

It is a T-junction and can be located of St. Marks Road, opposite of Baker Lane. There are available spots on the left side of the road.

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